About Open School Ontario

Open School Ontario is part of the Adult and Continuing Education program with Trillium Lakelands District School Board and is a continuous entry online school offering Ontario secondary school credits “on demand.”

With Open School, you can apply for courses at any time and you have some flexibility in terms of the course pace. Most courses require you to complete within an 18 week time-frame and courses have pre-determined milestones that students are required to meet. Students complete one course at a time. Should a student choose to accelerate their pace in a course to move on to another, they are free (and encouraged) to do so.

All course work is completed online so you can work on Open School Courses from anywhere at any time.

If you need to focus on one course for entrance into college or university, Open School may be a good option for you. If you are experiencing difficulty in your current course work – whether this is online or in a traditional classroom, Open School may be an alternative.

Open School is all about student success so there is frequent contact with our guidance staff in terms of finding the right learning fit for you. The program uses Ontario Certified Teachers and approved curriculum from the Ministry of Education’s eLearning Ontario.

Open School is available to students from anywhere. Ontario residents pay no tuition fees for Open School courses. Out of Province students will be required to pay a tuition fee as determined by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Open School Ontario

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