How will post-secondary institutions receive my marks when I am applying?

At the start of your course, our Guidance Counsellor will send a Graduation and Post-Secondary Information Request form for students to complete and return to the office. 

Depending on the student’s status, our school will upload marks to OUAC and/or OCAS or mail the marks to the post-secondary institutions upon request.  If a student is enrolled at another publicly or privately-funded school, then that school will be responsible for uploading courses/marks to OCAS and/or OUAC.

Please note: It is the student’s responsibility to complete the form and request that marks are sent in order for our office to ensure the necessary information is sent to post-secondary institutions.

Since Open School continuous entry, there is no set mid-term date. Mid-term grades will be based upon completion of one half of the course. This mid-way point of the course will be established by the instructor.

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